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First Grade is a Must Read Year for students!

When teaching first grade, a teacher must hit the ground running at the beginning of the school year.

First grade is a must-read year for students. When I taught first grade, I would hit the ground running at the beginning of the school year. By late November to early December and certainly before Christmas, children would be reading independently! By Spring break, my job was done for the year. I would have outdoor picnics on the school grounds whereby children would bring their favorite stories/children's literature to read; we would play on the outdoor equipment and enjoy games. Upon going back inside, children engaged in art activities, wrote stories, wrote letters to story book characters; acted out favorite stories read. We played favorite games for school and home, some educational and some just for fun! So, you see I worked hard to teach my children to read right from the very start. That way we could look forward to having lots of fun and good times by the end of school. There are some educators who don't want to put in the hard work required to teach reading correctly due to wanting to do what feels good all year long. Teaching children to read correctly is hard work! But, oh, so well worth it for those we are responsible for teaching. If education was held to the same standard as the medical field, children not reading well or at all would be malpractice!

The book you need as a parent, grandparent, teacher, librarian, literacy advocate:

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